Bogdan Buleandra

Bogdan Buleandra


Editor, supersport class champion, performance-bike test rider and a very good mechanic.

I'm in love with motorcycles from an early age, therefore I started racing bikes at the age of 13.

I went through all the changes, from two-strokes to four-strokes, from classic cable throttle to ride-by-wire. I'm still in love with my first competition bike, a 2001 Aprilia RS125.
A bit more aggressive engine and revamped looks
By Bogdan Buleandra |
A 45.000€ behemoth against the latest German missile. Who takes the victory?
By Bogdan Buleandra |
Sharp approved and wallet friendly
By Bogdan Buleandra |
Triumph is building a street bike around the new Moto2 engine
By Bogdan Buleandra |
honda cb500f
Get the most out of your money with one of these motorcycles
By Bogdan Buleandra |
2019 yamaha valentino rossi
Hopefully, new Monster Energy colours will change the team’s luck
By Bogdan Buleandra |
Check out our guide on how to choose your next racing helmet.
By Bogdan Buleandra |
The power cruiser world is about to be rocked. Check out the first photos of the new Rocket
By Bogdan Buleandra |
A completely different colour theme for Dovizioso and Petrucci
By Bogdan Buleandra |
Wunderlich  _145
You might want to inspect your wheels as soon as possible
By Bogdan Buleandra |
A 300cc sports bike that’s all about performance
By Bogdan Buleandra |
A striking eight year in a row sales increase
By Bogdan Buleandra |
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