Mihai Alexandru Neagu

Mihai Alexandru Neagu

Email: mihai.neagu@lastgear.com

I'm an engineering enthusiast who appreciates everything about vehicles and everything that has an engine. You can call me a petrolhead.
Patience and attention for details are some of my best arguments when talking about vehicles in general.
If I have to choose between being a politician or an engineer, I will choose the second option just because in engineering I can be myself and I can make something tangible that anyone can feel and appreciate it for what it is.
I live my life through philosophy, and I apply it in all my work. There is no me in myself but just a soul with good intentions for every person I meet.
The biggest gift I ever received and still have is the present, and I always live in the present. I can be described with a single Finnish word - SISU - which means grit, resilience, and hardiness.

I am like water, and I flow through the world like it.

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