Berlin III is a gorgeous vintage racing boat from 1950

Looks and power

The wooden speedboats from the 1950's are extremely good looking.

This 1950 Berlin III E2 Class Racing Boat confirms it. The beautiful boat was built by Kurt Hersch, a guy responsible for building some of the fastest boats during the Second World War. In 1946, he set up a boatbuilding company.

[Photo:51985] The Berlin III was built in 1950 from a design by Max Steaves for the racing driver Jurgen Baginski.
The hull of this racing boat is made from laminated timber over a rigid cedar framework. The steering wheel is on the left to suit the German drivers.

[Photo:51980] Power was provided by a BMW Veritas petrol engine with six cylinders. It had a displacement of 2.0 liters and delivered 100 hp. The engine had triple carburettors and straight exhausts. The hull and motor were extensively restored between 2006-2010 and have been maintained since in exceptional order.

[Photo:51986] This boat was listed by auction house Bonhams in 2013 for an estimated price of €180,000 – 260,000.