Can You Convert an Old Patrol Ship to a Modern Superyacht? Meet M/Y Enigma XK

Yes, you can!

This is an old Scottish patrol ship named Norna. Her owner was looking for a robust boat at a reasonable price, capable of sailing in all weather conditions, tropical or polar climates, calm or rough seas.

He found and bought the Fishery Patrol Vessel Norna build by Richards Shipbuilders in 1988. The ship has strong hull lines, remarkable funnels and high quality equipment. FPV Norna was a former patrol vessel owned by the Scottish fishery department of the British Navy.

The owner had a specific brief for the conversion. He wanted to convert this working vessel into a timeless yacht without taking away the key signature of the existing ship. The converted vessel required an uncluttered deck with a touch down helideck. Also, for use in the tropical areas, the ship needed more open outdoor areas for dining without excessive sun exposure.

The yacht needed to handle sea bobs, sea slides, a 9m limo tender, a 7m rib as well as motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. The interior was extremely challenging as the vessel had a complex transversal, longitudinal camber and all decks have low headroom (2,50 m). A boat this size needed room for 12 passengers, a fitness room and a massage parlour. Also, living quarters for a crew of 21.

The conversion and refit was carried out by Atlantic Refit Center, based in La Rochelle, France. The company collaborated with Vitruvius Yachts and Phillipe Briand for the interior and exterior designs and McFarlane Ship Design for naval architecture.

The main deck was redesigned to create 5 spacious guest cabins, a wellness room, and a gymnasium. What used to be the officers’ mess has become the main saloon. Confronted with limited headroom and little or no port lights, designers fitted a total of 27 large port lights, 1.2m-high, bringing daylight into the cabins and social areas.

The main deck aft provides space for a 9m limousine tender, a 7m-RIB, both tenders custom-built in aluminum, and also two all-terrain vehicles and jet skis, all handled with a 9.5m –reach, 4t-capacity articulated crane.

The ship carries now the name Enigma XK and has become a beautiful explorer yacht. She is 71.4m long with a maximum beam on 11.6m. Power is provided by a pair of Ruston AT350 diesel engines each with 2,238 kW of power. Maximum speed is 18 knots, cruising speed: 14 knots.