Floating UFO is Making a Splash Soon

They are not here, yet

No, this is not an actual UFO. It's not a boat, either. But it floats, so it' interesting for us. Coming from the Jet Capsule company, this Unidentified Floating Object is the concept for a floating home.

The UFO is a flying-saucer shaped houseboat that will be built from carbon fiber and fiberglass. There were two versions of the concept, the first one measured 12.5 m in diameter, while the second version in 20 m in diameter.

There are three levels in the floating home. The first floor includes a kitchen and the bathroom, while upstairs we can find a hot tub, a desk and the controls to the floating home. The submerged level is reserved for the bedroom and bathroom. The glazing allows for stunning views of the local sea life.

The UFO is autonomous, and the builder envisions the use of twin engines that will produce a top speed of 9 knots. The power will be provided from solar panels, wind power and maybe a water turbine.

The concept is perfect for luxury hotels that want a different approach for their guests. This kind of floating pods can also be configured as a gym or a floating restaurant.

If all goes well, the company hopes to start delivering the first units in 2018. The cost is estimative, but probably one floating UFO will cost around $200.000.