Video: These are some of the weirdest ships in the world

What is this?

The Sea Lad spent some time to gather the weirdest ships in the world in the following video. Take a look below:

It's a collection of some impressive and weird ships. From the wedge-shape ship like the Ramform Titan to the futuristic war ship USS Zumwalt, the video gathers a lot of strange vessels.

Here are some of the ships on the list:

Ramform Titan

The wedge-shape ship.

USS Zumwalt

The last generation military ship for the US Navy.

– M/Y Yas

The frigate converted to private yacht

– Vittoriosa (Car carrier)

– Natori (Container ship)

– M80 Stiletto (Stealth military ship)


– Karadeniz Powership

– RP Flip (research vessel)

Dockwise Vanguard

– Aranui 5 (Cargo&passenger ship)

E-Ship 1

– Nexans Skagerrak (Cable Layer Vessel)

– Auto Bay

– Invincible (Towing ship)

– New River (Tugboat)

– Geolog Primorya (Car carrier)

– Sans Vitesse (Ferry)

– Bottsand (Oil recovery ship)

– Sea Shadow (Stealth Navy Ship)