A tribute to Carlo Riva (1922-2017)

The legendary boat and yacht designer and builder has passed away

Carlo Riva died peacefully in his hometown of Sarnico at the age of 95.

He was responsible for some of the most iconic aquatic forms. Under his supervision were created boats like Riva Florida, Riva Tritone, and the legendary Riva Aquarama.

Born on February 24, 1922, Carlo Riva joined the family's business at a young age and took over the shipyard in 1949.

Riva was established in 1842 on the shore of Lake Iseo, Italy, by Pietro Riva, Carlo's great-grandfather.

Carlo is the creator of Riva's golden age, the Master shipbuilder who transformed the brand and its boats into a status symbol, thanks to models like Ariston, Tritone, Sebino and Florida.

These boats became the objects of desire for aristocrats, actors, sporting champions, businessmen and all kinds of celebrities. They notably included Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Liz Taylor, Sean Connery, Jean Paul Belmondo, Richard Burton and Jackie Stewart, to name a few.

In 1962, with the production of the Aquarama, Riva became the foremost and iconic boatyard in the yachting world.

The officials of the Ferretti Group, the parent company of Riva, paid tribute to the late Carlo Riva: “Carlo Riva has left us, the greatest of them all. The world has lost a brilliant creator of boats, a master of style, a giant in Italy's industrial and business history. To me, this is a personal loss of a master, an example of brilliance, of commitment and of dedication to work”, has commented Alberto Galassi, the Ferretti Group's Chief Executive Officer. “Carlo Riva taught us all the meaning of vision, creativity and passion. His vision and inexhaustible innovative energy make him the leading personality in the 20th century yachting world, a man whose extraordinary creations have already become legends. Carlo Riva’s boats will always be the finest in the world, a source of inspiration to all of us who feel a strong sense of responsibility for the stewardship of and for taking forward into the future the leading brand in world yachting.”

Today, the Riva brand is part of the Ferretti Group and has a range of products from sporty 12m tenders to 50m superyachts.