Ambitious Superyacht Concept X-R-Evolution by Pastrovich Design is Still Amazing

The mothership concept

Back in 2014, Monaco-based design studio led by Stefano Pastrovich have revealed a new superyacht concept named X-R-Evolution.

The 77-m futuristic ship has multiple deployable modules that can serve as private apartments. It's your own private waterworld, that can be deployed in any exotic place.

“Lay anchor in the Virgin Islands and deploy your apartments anywhere you desire,” says Stefano Pastrovich. “Be waited on hand and foot by the crew living aboard the mother-ship or go it alone in your own isolated beach fronted property.”

The modular bungalows can take different forms. They can be luxurious living spaces, or a swimming pool, even an artificial beach. The pods are completely detachable or can remain linked by tethers.

The company says that this radical design is based on real-world technologies and there is interest in creating the vessel.

The mothership X-R-Evolution uses a carbon fibre hull and honeycomb construction for maximum strength. A self-stabilizing hexapod with six hydraulic cylinders keeps the upper deck straight in rough seas. The system is similar with the one used by flight simulators.