America’s Cup presents the new AC75 concept


The new vessel will be used in the summer of 2021

Emirates Team New Zealand unveiled the concept for the next generation of America's Cup racing craft.

This vessel will be used to compete in the next America's Cup regatta in Auckland, New Zealand in the summer of 2021.

The concept is a monohull that promises to deliver even greater performance than the AC50 multihulls that has been used over the past few years.


Like the catamarans raced now, the futuristic-looking AC75 will have wing-like foils attached to the hull that will lift them out of the water when they accelerate to reduce drag and increase speed. The foils can be set in various positions depending on the angle of attack and manoeuvring requirements.

The boats would be able to right themselves in the event of a capsize.

Take a look at the self-explanatory video below: