Concept Yacht Sky Ya has an Outdoor Garden

An outdoor garden on the deck? Yes! It is possible on the concept yacht named Sky Ya.

Designed by Max Zhivov, Sky Ya concept yacht has a length of 154 feet (47 m) and wants to be one of the most eco-friendly yachts out there.

It’s a semi-displacement hybrid motor yacht with some interesting curves. On top of the wheel-house, the concept yacht Sky Ya features solar panels, and on the outdoor deck holds space for a garden. So the guests can enjoy luxuriant flora when at sea. The yacht features even a helipad located at the bow.

Sky Ya has space for three guest cabins and a master suite for the guests. The main-deck saloon showcases an open dining room and a lounge area. For power, the concept yacht uses diesel and electric engines for a maximum speed of 18 knots.