Damen Launches New Yacht Support Vessel Named ‘Game Changer’

The utility van of the seas

Dutch shipbuilder Damen has launched Game Changer, its latest 70-metre Damen Yacht Support vessel (227 ft) with helicopter hangar.

Game Changer is the fourth Yacht Support vessel in the 70-metre segment following the delivery of Intrepid, ‘6711’ and Garcon. This latest launch also follows last year’s delivery and sale of the 55-metre showcase vessel Fast&Furious (181 ft). With its Yacht Support range, Damen is now the established leader in this rapidly developing niche. In total 11 Damen Yacht Support vessels have been delivered or are in build.

"Our clients want to go to exciting new destinations with less established superyacht infrastructure and they want to have more fun with larger tenders, larger helicopters and submersibles,” comments Damen Product Director Mark Vermeulen.

Game Changer features a fully certified helideck so owners can take larger helicopters on long range flights to their mother yachts and land safely in a wider weather window. Lowering the helicopter into the hangar protects it from the elements so it is refuelled and available for take-off without causing hassle, disruption and noise on the mother yacht.

In addition, Game Changer has 250 square metres of open deck space for tenders and toys. The large deck crane makes logistics and handling simple, fast and safe. Below deck there is a further 110 square-metre storage space/dive centre. The YS 6911 has offices, facilities and accommodation for 22 crew and staff. It can carry a huge amount of extra provisions, fuel (marine, aviation and petrol), luggage and spare parts.