Dare to Dream concept by artist George Lucian marries sea and air


140m Superyacht Airship Carrier

Monaco-based artist George Lucian has imagined an impressive superyacht concept named Dare to Dream.

The 140m concept is destined for a visionary owner who would be equally passionate about yachting and flying. The owner of the Superyacht Airship Carrier would be able to explore new places by enjoying the calmness and elegancy of an airship, or just have dinner above the bay of Monaco, or even spend a couple of days flying above the Mediterranean waters, before finally returning, to dock the airship on his superyacht.


The concept is designed in such a way that, besides all the amenities that the superyacht would offer, the airship itself to have accommodation for just a couple of guests, and a saloon for dinners/cocktails/relaxation.


"My concept is inspired from the yachting industry and military vessels design, but also from the fascination that I have for the beginning of the century zeppelins that were transporting passengers across the Atlantic in a luxury and romantic manner. Nowadays we have lost this elegance and tranquillity of traveling that the cruise liners and airships were offering in the beginning on the 21 century.", says the artist George Lucian.


The airship is expected to be around 100m long, while the superyacht would measure 140m.