Ecoship is a cruise ship from the future

Developed by Peace Boat

The Ecoship project wants to develop a new type of eco-friendly ship.

It's developed by Peace Boat, a non-profit organization from Japan that promotes human rights and environmental sustainability by organizing peace voyages on chartered passenger ships.

For the new cruise vessel, Peace Boat teamed with Oliver Design. The result is quite spectacular. The ship will use ten retractable wind generators and ten retractable solar sails. These will help cut the emissions by 30 percent, while the use of electricity will be lowered by 50 percent. A 6,000 square meter solar farm will be located on its top deck. The ship will incorporate a self-sustained garden that uses recycled garbage and wastewater.

Power will be provided by a hybrid propulsion system running on LNG (liquefied natural gas).

The ship will be delivered in 2020 and will carry approximately 5,000 each year while promoting green technology.



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