Fincantieri Yachts introduces Griffin series of superyachts


A family of concepts

During the 2018 Versilia Yachting Rendezvous in Viareggio, Fincantieri shipyard introduced the “Griffin Series”, a latest-generation family of concepts.

The series is made by 66, 77, 88, 99 meters fully custom luxury mega yachts, products of a continuous development for clients inspiration.


Fincantieri presented the Griffin 66, the concept of a cutting-edge superyacht. The name has been chosen because the project expresses the powerful and majestic mythological creature in its bold lines.


The contemporary architectural look, taken together with the finest furnishing materials and solutions, gives the interiors a stylistic imprint that is sophisticated in its minimalist elegance, yet at the same time warm and welcoming, particularly when in close contact with the sea through the large panoramic windows.


The concept has been developed in collaboration with two design studios: Christopher Seymour for the exterior design and Guido de Groot for the interior design with Carl Esch as designers activities coordinator.


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