Iguana Yacht is the Hybrid Boat You’ve Been Dreaming About

Is it a boat? Is it a tank?

It's both, actually! Iguana Yachts is a small French company that imagined a boat that can move both on water and land by itself.

It can do this by using a set of tracks. It solves the problem of getting the boat in or out of the water, by simply deploying the set of tracks. When not used, the tracks are incorporated into the hull without impacting hydrodynamic performance.

The company is named Iguana, like the giant lizard. The range of tenders produced is quite large, and all have modern looks. On more recent model is the Iguana Expedition 31. It's 31-feet long (9.45 m) and has an even more robust look.

Previous models are the Iguana 29, a $300.000 tender, launched in 2011. At water, Iguana 29 can reach a top speed of 35 knots.
The latest tender is named E-Iguana 29. It's an electric-powered version of the first model, which can now operate with zero emissions. E-Iguana 29 shares the same profile as the outboard-powered Iguana 29, but uses heavy-duty electric motors placed near the wheel hubs. The electric boat can operate for 110 minutes before needing a recharge. A full charge for the batteries take six hours. The new electric version can be seen at Cannes Yachting Festival.