Phoenicia sailing yacht concept looks out of this world


Designed by Igor Lobanov

Phoenicia is 110m sailing yacht concept with looks inspired by an ancient royal ship.

The concept was presented in 2011 by yacht designer Igor Lobanov.


Phoenicians are believed to be the people who invented one of the first alphabets, which served as a basis for the Greek alphabet and not only. From the Greeks, it was then passed to Romans as Latin and to Slavs and Mongols as Cyrillic. Nowadays a wide range of nations all around the world are using letters that derive from those once created in the small area of Phoenicia.


Despite the classic looks, Phoenicia has space for a helipad. A special feature of this yacht is the all-around open deck arranged as a gallery with a designed pattern with Arabian influence. Other features include the automated Venetian blinds that can be closed at a gradient or opened irregularly so that the light plays inside the interior.


The unconventional bow is reminiscent of the Greek triremes that were common in the Mediterranean sea two thousand years ago.