Quadrofoil Watercraft Looks Like a Thing From The Future

The watercraft of tomorrow

This thing looks like it came from the future. We are looking at the Quadrofoil, a dual-seat watercraft that uses the C-foil technology to lift the vessel out of the water, reducing water resistance and increasing efficiency.

Power is provided by an electric motor, so the whole craft is virtually silent and produces zero emissions. The range is up to 100 km per charge. The Quadrofoil can cruise at a speed of 20 knots.

The company the invented this watercraft comes from Slovenia, and they say they are ready to deliver the new vessel.

Although over a year behind on the original schedule, Quadrofoil is ready to move on and deliver on its promises. Their team of engineers took over a year to thoroughly test, review, upgrade and fine-tune the original Q2 prototype, which is now finished and ready for serial production.

There are also plans for a Q4 four-seater version.