Seabubbles River Taxis Project is going forward


Soon, on a river near you

Seabubbles River Taxis wants to become an alternative mode of transport in the busiest cities.

The French company Seabubbles wants to launch self-driving taxies for bodies of water. A kind of autonomous Uber on water. it will be the easiest way to get from A to B in a large city crossed by a river of a lake.


The futuristic small craft uses foils to list up from the water once it hits 7.5 mph and this will virtually eliminate seasicknes. The Seabubbles vessel is 100% electric, so is also ecofriendly.


Last year, the prototype boats made test runs in St. Tropez, Geneva and Lyon. The company will be ready to take orders this year and in 2019 will start a pilot run of the Seabubbles service in a city yet to be named.


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