Superfly GT 42 powerboat concept is a sight to behold

This concept boat seems to come from the future

Designed by Red Yacht Design for Swedish builder Flying Flipper, the Superfly GT 42 is a power boat with futuristic looks.

Flying Flipper is famous for building and competing in several record-setting superboats in 1990s.

The 13m Superfly 42 concept looks stunning. The cockpit is a cocoon of glass with tall windshields that extend all the way aft and huge glass-ceiling panel that slides over the aft cabin.

The sci-fi wheelhouse features a rectangular steering wheel and a big touchscreen console.

The aft stateroom is directly connected to the cockpit through a glass door. It features a center king-size bed and minimalist look.

The Superfly GT can be configured with a multitude of engine options: multiple outboards, Mercury Racing inboards, or even twin outboards with a Torqeedo electric outboard for a hybrid option.

With triple Seven Marine outboards, each delivering 627 hp, the boat will exceed 65 knots.

Superfly GT 42 Teaser from Red Yacht Design on Vimeo.