The best Christmas presents for the boating aficionado


62 days till Christmas!

If you're thinking what to get for Christmas for your boat aficionado friend or family member, you may want to take a look at the Riva online shop.


Everybody knows Riva, the legendary Italian brand. Riva is part of the Ferretti Group and has a beautiful range of superyachts. Also the Italian brand is well known for the vintage boats like the Aquarama, Florida or Tritone. Riva was established in 1842 on the shore of Lake Iseo, Italy, by Pietro Riva. These boats became the objects of desire for aristocrats, actors, sporting champions, businessmen and all kinds of celebrities. They notably included Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Liz Taylor, Sean Connery, Jean Paul Belmondo, Richard Burton and Jackie Stewart, to name a few.


In 1962, with the production of the Aquarama, Riva became the foremost and iconic boatyard in the yachting world.

You can have one as a wooden toy, a perfect gift for the Riva fan.

1. Aquarama wooden toy


The speedboat that the international jet set fell in love with in the 1960s has become a scale model which combines the charm of a collector's item and the fun of a construction toy. Presented in an elegant cardboard box, Riva Aquarama comes in 11 pieces made of mahogany and ash.


The toy comes with a booklet in English and Italian, illustrating the Riva legend and its most famous yachts, with an inspiring text by Carlo Riva.

It can be yours for 140 euro (aprox. $160).

2. Rivarama wooden toy


Rivarama is the first modern boat to be included in the Wooden Toys Collection of the Riva Brand Experience. Elegance, style and technology have made this boat into a legend as well as a great commercial success, suffice to say that over 120 of them have been built since 2002. This scale model is made in mahogany and ash, the same materials used for the decks of Riva boats.

3. Riva truck wooden toy


In 1960, Riva used to deliver its wonderful mahogany boats in a very special truck with sleek lines and the logo prominently displayed. The Riva Truck would leave the boatyard every day heading for various destinations, including the quays of the Port of Genoa, where the Riva boats would be loaded onto ships bound for New York, and the ports of Gallipoli, Portofino, and Viareggio. The 1960’s Riva Truck is a little gem in ash and maple wood. The box itself has an original design and can be used as a container for knick-knacks. It can look good on your desk for 160 euro (aprox. $190).

4. Riva Aquarama chair


True to the “Riva Inside, Inside Riva” concept, the Riva chair offers the elegance and refined design that have always been the hallmarks of the legendary yachting shipyard.

The cushion pad and seat back are in Mambo fabric, the same used to upholster the exterior seating on the yachts. The seat is available in fiberglass, painted in any of the Riva yacht shades, and in mahogany. The price is available on request.

5. Aquariva lamp


The Aquariva Lamp is a table lamp whose refined design is inspired by the classic Search Light featured on the Riva yachts of the 1960s (Aquarama, Tritone and Ariston). The name “Aquariva” comes from the speedboat of the same name, produced since 2001 on, and fitted with the lamp as standard. Its many exclusive and stylish details include a touch-sensitive switch with three brightness settings, the stem in black Mambo (the same fabric used for the upholstery of Riva yachts), and a low energy led light bulb with high luminous efficiency.

Another refined design feature is the base, with three overlapping steel sections that call to mind the famous prow of the Aquarama and Aquariva speedboats, and which open out in a pattern reminiscent of a boat propeller. The lamp is designed by Mauro Micheli, from Officina Italiana Design, the creative mind behind all the Riva models. Yours for 1,300 euro (aprox. $1,500).

6. Riva espresso cups


Enjoy a nice break savouring an espresso coffee in these quality cups, created by Villeroy & Boch

On board or at home, they add sophistication to a relaxing coffee break, bringing the Riva legend into your everyday life. Sold as a pair and packaged in an elegant white/aquamarine container, they are perfect as a gift.

7. Accessories for phones and tablets


For your smartphone, Riva Boutique has created a cover inspired by the color range and woods of the boats.

Available in aquamarine and black, the Riva cover is made of mahogany with maple wood inlays just like the decks of the most prestigious yachts.