Aldebaran is a spectacular motor yacht concept by designer Luciano Facchini


Two versions: 24 and 45m

The 24m Aldebaran is a spectacular motor yacht concept styled by Italian designer Luciano Facchini in collaboration with designers Lucio Tonucci and Luis Felipe Rocco.

With striking minimalist lines and open interior plans, Aldebaran is an impressive sight. A glass dome lets natural light to flood the interiors.


The concept uses voice commands and modern technology, while the aerodynamics are inspired by Formula 1 cars. The hull is made from carbon fiber.


The furnishings are completely customizable and exclusive with two basic outfits: luxury and sport, each one has record features thanks to a careful selection of wood and leather, carried out with the help of Italian artisans.


The retractable ladder and the gull-designed doors make the aesthetic most impact. All of this is complemented by two modern design double bedrooms with large windows and an innovative smartphone control system, allowing access to all features with only a touch.

A second larger version of the concept is the 45m Aldebaran S.


With similar striking lines and the glass dome as the protagonist, the 45m concept uses an electric motor for propulsion.