Itama 62 stars in the action movie “American Assassin” alongside Michael Keaton and Dylan O’Brien


Hollywood star

Italian speed cruiser Itama 62 is starring in the latest action movie "American Assassin".

The American movie, based on the novel by Vince Flynn, is a production of Lionsgate and CBS Films and is directed by Michael Cuesta and stars Michael Keaton and Dylan O'Brien.


Thanks to the twin 1400 hp MAN V12s engines that power the yacht to 40 knots of top speed, Itama 62 ensured performance worthy of a big action movie. Incidentally, the scene was shot on the Lazio coast, which has always been a favourite spot for Itama owners.


The 19m vessel is designed by architect Marco Casali. The yacht is the star of the chase between the good guy and the villain, played respectively by the good but vengeful Dylan O’Brien and by Taylor Kitsch in the role of the terrorist.


In the U.S., since its release on 15 September, “American Assassin” has grossed 36 million dollars. Watch the movie trailer below: