Ramform Titan Is One Weird Looking Ship

This is probably the ugliest ship in the world

Switching the focus from the world of superyachts, let's take a look to one odd-looking commercial ship.

She is named Ramform Titan and is just one form a fleet of weird-shaped ships. It is a seismic ship shaped as a triangle. It happens to be the widest ship ever built. The strange design was chosen for the stability. Seismic ships need to be stable and still as they collect seismic data. For collecting data, the ship is using seismic units, called streamers. This streamers deploy long cables filled with marine equipment. The cables can be up to six nautical miles long. Depending on the type of survey carried, the ship can deploy up to 24 streamers reels.

Ramform Titan is just one ship from the fleet of seismic ships owned by Norwegian company PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services). It uses diesel-electric power to push the 104 m long ship. At its widest point, the ship measures 70m.