SeaBubbles wants to become the Uber of water taxis

Cute name, by the way

SeaBubbles is a Frech startup that wants to become the Uber for water taxis.

They've just completed a $10.8 million in fundraising and will start soon the production of a car-shaped river shuttle. SeaBubbles is the brainchild of Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal.

The vessel is equipped with hydrofoils that will rise the boat out of the water when traveling at speed. The water cars will be used in major cities situated on waterways for use in a personalized, on-demand ferry service. A kind of Uber for water taxis, if you want.

The company has a working prototype and aim to have over a dozen vessels in the River Seine in Paris by this summer.

The vessels have electric propulsion and can operate at 6-8 knots in the no wake zone. Range is around 100 km. Also, in the future, the water taxis will be autonomous.