Ships equipped with rigid solar EnergySail will begin sea trials next year

The new technology is being put to test

Eco Marine Power wants to test its rigid solar energy sails.

The new technology wants to revive the use of sails in commercial shipping. The system is called EnergySail and can harness the power of the wind and sun at the same time.
The EnergySail is a rigid sail made from steel or carbon fiber. It sits on rotating pole mounted on the deck of the ship. Solar panels are embedded in the sail and also on the deck. If the weather conditions are rough, the sails can be lowered to safety.

The EnergySails can collect energy also when the ship is docked.
Next year, Eco Marine Power will start sea trials. The ships will be fitted with EnergySails, solar panels on decks and battery storage. The setup permits better fuel consumption and less emissions. The trial ships will be large bulk carriers like the Belgrano, Nord Gemini and Bulk Chile.
The production of each EnergySail to be used during the sea trials will be undertaken at the workshops of Teramoto Iron Works in Onomichi, Japan. This company was also involved in the production of rigid sails in the 1980’s and has extensive experience regarding the manufacturing of high quality marine fittings for ships.