Solaris Global Cruiser is a Futuristic Concept That Makes Use of the Sun’s Power

Lots of sunshine needed

This is concept imagined by design house Duffy London. The name is Solaris Global Cruiser and the idea is to have a superyacht powered entirely by the Sun's energy.

The designs are spectacular, even if the solar panels are taking a lot of space. But the idea of a superyacht that may never need to be fueled, no matter the speed or weather conditions is truly interesting.

The designers focused on luxury and comfort, also. Ten guests can be accommodated on board, along seven crew members. A lounge area is placed aft, while a raised flybridge is also available.

If this concept will be built, it is expected to splash in the water in 2020. It is 44m long with a beam of 8.7m. Total power will be 5,200 hp from six engine powered by electric energy. For short bursts of power, she will make use of alcohol turbine generators. Top speed will be 45 knots, while cruising speed is 28 knots. And all of this will be done in complete silence.