The Lift eFoil board can make you fly over water

Glide in complete silence

Are you a surf addict? How about a self-powered board? With a foil underneath!

Seems unreal, but this thing exists. Lift Foils is a brand created by Nicholas Leason. He designed the first wirelessly controlled electric hydrofoil. The result is a gliding board that carves through water butter smooth, giving the rider the sensation of flying through the freeways of oceans, rivers or lakes.

"After years and many iterations, we evolved from the “Spruce Goose” prototype with cheap hobby store batteries into a sophisticated craft that has some serious horsepower and aerospace electrical safety standards. The best part is I’ve taken countless friends and peers to our local lake and had them foiling within minutes. Some were athletes, some weren’t, but everyone had fun flying over water", says Nicholas Leason.

Now the eFoil is almost ready. You can preorder the 30 lbs (13 kg) device for the price of $12,000.

It includes the silent electric motor activated via a wireless hand controller. A trigger on the controller is the throttle that can push you up to 25 miles per hour. A screen displays the speed and the battery charge. The waterproof controller floates and can be secured with a strap to the hand. The board itself is made of carbon fiber and it can be dismantled into components. The recharge time for the batteries is 2.5 hours.