The Seataci Concept – Is This the Future of Yachting?

Is it a robot whale?

We've seen a fair share of future yacht concepts, but this one takes the cake. It's called the Seataci, and is the work of industrial designer Charles Bombardier from Canada. He is known for outlandish and imaginative designs, and this future yacht is no different.

He imagined the concept on a trip to Bora Bora and it is quite stunning. It ditches traditional marine design for something inspired from the sea creatures. Like a whale that uses its tail to move, the Seataci uses a similar propulsion system wrapped around a $100 million luxury yacht. It uses a wave movement to move, using two satellite engine pods submerged under water. Foils in the pods oscillate to generate the movement required to propel the vessel.

Te designer says this propulsion system is more economical and less disruptive that the traditional propellers. The vessel will also have a large part of the hull submerged, which will provide exceptional views of the ocean life below.

On the upper deck, the guest can enjoy the sun, along swimming pools and a garden. It also features a dozen villas and two landing pads specially designed for personal flying drones.

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