Wayaland – a city of floating pyramids



Inspired from Maya's architecture and partly from a Japanese temple, Waya it's a modular floating building.

The modular pyramid can offer different living and entertainment settings, such hotel, shops, spa, gym, bars or cinema for any purpose, creating the first floating city.
 In order to complete the main Waya pyramid, different modules are overlapped on the floating basement, which measures 54 metres x 54 metres in his largest module, extending the surface to about 3000 sqm.


The basement holds a large entrance for the boats and the reception to access the rooms, by subdividing his height in ten different floors with a total surface of 6500 sqm, the complete Waya reaches a maximum height of 30 Metres from the waterline.


The concept of the floating pyramids belongs to the Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the man behind the UFO 2.0 floating home.

The Wayaland is in the concept phase, but the designer hopes to see it soon in real life. The different buildings will come in different sizes and will serve different purposes. The floating pyramids will be constructed from fiberglass, carbor fiber and steel.


The first pyramid is planned for 2022. The video below shows a bit more of the Wayaland:

Via Newatlas